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These bylaws were voted into effect at our May 6, 2004 business meeting.

Article 1-Organization

The "Fourteenth Century Society" (hereinafter 'the organization') is a society of scholars and students of fourteenth-century culture, politics, society and economy.

Members may join (attend meetings of the society, vote in its elections, receive information on its activities, and be eligible to serve on its committees and be elected as officers) by registering their names and addresses with the secretary or by contacting the administrator of the mailing list.

Article 2-Officers

The officers of the organization shall consist of a president, vice-president (who shall serve as president-elect), and secretary.

The first president and vice-president elected under these bylaws shall be elected for two-year terms at the organization's annual business meeting, held during the International Congress on Medieval Studies, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI (hereinafter, 'International Congress'), in 2004. Thereafter, at alternate meetings of the organization, the vice-president shall succeed to the presidency and a new vice-president be elected.

The first secretary elected under these bylaws shall be elected for a three-year term at the organization's business meeting during the the International Congress in 2004. Thereafter, at three-year intervals, the position shall be open for re-election. The secretary may be elected to two consecutive terms.

Election shall be by majority vote of those present at the appropriate annual meetings of the organization at the Annual Meetings of the International Congress.

The president shall prepare the agenda for the meetings of the organization, preside over its meetings, and appoint all committees. The president shall also represent the organization to other organizations and societies and to the medievalist community at large.

The vice-president shall perform those of the president's duties as shall, in the latter's absence or upon delegation, be entrusted to him or her.

The secretary shall keep the minutes of the meetings of the organization and keep accurate and timely records of any financial transactions authorized by the organization.

Article 3-Approval of and Amendments to the Bylaws

These bylaws shall take effect when they receive a majority vote of those members in attendance at the regularly scheduled annual meeting of the organization at the International Congress in 2004.

These bylaws may be altered or amended at any regularly scheduled annual meeting of the organization at the Annual Congress by a majority vote of those members in attendance.

Amendment 1.  If a person cannot fulfill the duties of an office to which he or she has been elected, as determined by the council, the general meeting will elect someone else.
Amendment carried at the annual general meeting, 2011.

N.B.: Thanks to Bill Jordan at Princeton University for putting these together!


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